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Bike Paths in Morgan City & Berwick

Bike Paths


1. Morgan City Mayor and Council, Cajun Coast Visitor and Convention Bureau Commission, St. Mary Levee District, and St. Mary Gravity District #2 assisted with grant writing for the City of Morgan City to develop over 13 miles of pedestrian and bike trails. Three grants submitted by the July 1, 2019. Similar grants were used for the pedestrian and bike trails in Berwick.


2. Public hearing for biking safety hosted by the South Central Planning District at the SLCC- Young Memorial Campus.

3. Opening of Hwy 182 bridge for pedestrian and biking use - adjusted with bridge painting

Next Step

1. Shared Bike MC plan


2. Get costs for MC Bike Trail signage

3. Get dates for Hwy 182 bridge opening marketed


$850,000 grant award for Part A of trail 6/2021

$500,000 awarded for Part A as of

June 2022

$277,000 in Rec. Trails Grant Awarded


$435,423 awarded safe crossings



City and Town Councils

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